Top Documentaries to Encourage Healthy Eating! Determined by ME!

There are a lot of good films about vegetarian eating and why it is good for you to eat mostly plants. I know not everyone has the time or desire to read, so I wanted to compile a list of the documentaries that helped me decide to eat a plant based diet. Later I will make a post about my favorite vegetarian books for my fellow book lovers! I was always mostly vegetarian  So much so, that many people think I was a vegetarian for years. I have been "caught in the act" of eating bacon once or twice, and it is funny the look I get. Honestly, I have only been eating a plant based diet (I hate the word diet) for a few months, and I would not say that I am strict about it. I feel better when I don't eat meat, and that is the guide that I use. I never ate a lot of meat. I don't like most meats, but it is more of a taste thing for me. I will tell you more in the post about why I chose to eat mostly vegetarian.

One suggestion I would make is to ease into vegetarian eating. There is an overwhelming amount of info about healthy eating, and it is not that complicated! I like how Michael Pollen put it, "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much." For me, eating better makes me feel healthier, so it is a self propelling change.

A simple documentary that that will give you a starting point is Hungry for Change. This film is a broad documentary that will introduce you to healthy eating, juicing, reading labels etc. It also has tips for overcoming cravings, detox, and looking better. It is a really great film, and it is fun to watch.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is definitely what turned me on to juicing. Drinking vegetable juices was a little hard at first, but now I love them! Joe Cross is also Australian, and I could listen to people speaking in accents all day. It is a win win! :)

One of the first documentaries that opened my eyes to the tremendous benefits of eating more plants was Forks Over Knives. The theme of this film is that plant based diets can reverse and cure most degenerative diseases. Bold claims but the evidence is very well laid out by two scientists. This is a must see film!

Food Matters is an exciting film that focuses on the natural treatments for illnesses and diseases. I am more of a natural treatment person, so this film was really exciting for me to watch.

King Corn follows two guys as they grow a acre of corn and see where it ends up. It really highlights how many processed corn products are in processed foods. Corn is a major part of the American diet, and this documentary show just how major it is.

Food Fight is about fresh food and local food. It follows the fresh food movement. I really liked the part about the farm bill.

I loved Fresh because it followed some small organic farmers and showed the difference they were making in their communities. It was an inspiring film, and it encouraged me to grow some of my own food. I also like that it mentioned that not everyone has access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Have you ever heard of a food desert? In some areas of our country, people only have gas station and fast food type food to live on. Growing food on their own is one way to help alleviate that problem. 

I watched these on Netflix streaming, but sometimes they are free to watch online!

I will add to this post as I see new ones. If you have any documentaries that inspired you to be healthy, let me know! I want to watch them.


  1. Great suggestions! I've seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives so far; they are truly excellent films, and I'd readily recommend them to anyone who eats food.

  2. Thanks Hannah! I loved them too. They were eye openers for me!