Pet Friendly Inexpensive Weekend Vacation in Macon and Forsyth Georgia


3 nights in a KOA in Forsyth, GA

Ocmulgee National Monument
High Falls State Park
A few hours driving around Downtown Atlanta, GA

Memorable Food:
Grits Cafe, TAJ Indian Restaurant, and Brewhouse Cafe Inc.

I really really love to travel. I also have two dogs. Normally those don't mesh well together. I don't have many options besides boarding, and that gets expensive. Plus the boarding is a the vets office. For dogs that hate the vet, it is a nightmare. I have left them with family, but Blackjack got nervous and pulled a lot of his fur out... That butt head. He is a companion dog, and he knows it!

Since Blackjack and Bowman are both about 5 pounds, they travel well in dog backpacks. I got the backpacks here.

I get to go? WHAAAT?
Soooo I decided to plan a trip that they could go on. Most hotels, even fancy ones, have rooms where you can bring pets. There is pet fees for the hotels can be $50 to $100 dollars at the nicer hotels. I would rather just camp if I can't stay in a decent hotel, so we camped! It was more like glamping because we did stay in a little cabin at the KOA. I am a huge KOA fan. I like to camp everywhere, but on a long camping trip when clothes need to be washed, KOA can't be beat.

Babies in the bed! 

View from the porch.

We rented the KOA 1 room cabin w/o a bathroom for three days at $35 dollars a night. Luckily the bathroom was only about 10 feet from our cabin. We brought our own sheets, and I slept in a sleeping bag on top of the bed. The cabin was clean, and we all liked it. I am sure the puppies were hoping it was our new house. They would LOVE to live in such close quarters! One dog slept in my sleeping bag with me. They seemed to switch several times a night. The cabin was warm and clean. Much better than freezing my toes off in a tent!  The only downside is that it is right off the interstate, as KOAs normally are, and it was loud. I sleep with earplugs already, so I slept fine. If you are a light sleeper, don't go without earplugs. The staff was nice, and they made coffee for the guests in the morning. All in all, I enjoyed the lodging and would stay again.

Dirty clothes are the best! 
He loves the bed! 
We didn't know a ton about Macon and Forsyth Georgia before we got there, but most cities have attractions that appeal to me. These cities did not disappoint! We spent the first day at Ocmulgee National Monument, and it was nothing short of amazing. It is the grounds of an old Indian tribe, and they built several mounds that were really quite beautiful. There was one mound that we were allowed to go inside and one that we could climb on top of. The dogs were allowed everywhere but the visitor center, so we explored the whole outside of the park and went inside separately. The park is full of awesome trails, and that is where we spent most of our time. The indoor displays were elaborate and very informative, and the staff were very friendly and hilarious. 

No, I don't want to go in my dog bag! 

One of the mounds! 

Inside the mound!

Bridge over a train track.

He is still getting used to it! 

So many exciting things to look at!

He got cold, so I had to carry him on some of the hiking trails.

Beautiful terrain! 

View from the top of the mound.

Blackjack trying to eat everything on top of the mound! It's sacred grass!

I was trying to imagine what it was like for the people that lived here.

Fancy feet!

hahaha! I love this shot. I had no idea this was taken. I was still trying to picture what it was like for the Indians to live there. 

Making of a dog picture! Jason loves to get a good shot of this guy! 

He never gets tired! 

Bowman was sleepy!

It was a beautiful and well thought out park, and I was impressed! We all had a blast! 

The next day we spent a few hours sightseeing in downtown Atlanta. I love Atlanta, and I had a blast. In the second half of the day, we went to High Falls State Park. It was the remains of an old hydroelectric plant, and it had beautiful trails and waterfalls! 

Some people traveled beyond the barriers... Scary!

He lead the way! 

I could get used to this!

Power pose! 

Family photo time! 
Just a note about the Grits Cafe, it was AMAZING! Although it was cold outside, we ate outdoors because of the dogs. They loved it! The food was fresh and different. This a a gem, and if you are near it, EAT THERE!

Maybe he is too close to the eating, but he was cold.

Good coffee too! 

Best croutons ever! 
It was a fun trip!