Closet Confidential Tag and Wearing the Good Clothes

CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL TAG (I tagged myself. Don't judge me!)

haha! I laugh just looking at this picture! I love this outfit! Can you tell?

Disclaimer: I did not have enough time to iron these because my boyfriend only had a few minutes to take the pictures. I was in a RUSH!

1. What is the oldest item in your closet?

The oldest item is from middle school! You heard correctly- MIDDLE SCHOOL! I still love it! Me and my sister were probably the worst dressed student in our entire school. Way ahead of our time, but we could care less. I always loved the way I dressed. I remember one nasty girl used to always tell me that I dressed bad. Believe it or not, she tried to befriend me on facebook a few years back. Hello, we were not friends, so no, we are not going to be "facebook friends" either. Why do people do that? Life is too short! Joanna and I got a lot of our clothes from the 70's aka estate sales. This is a top that got fought over a lot because we both really loved it. I am surprised I can still wear it! The tag fell off. It got worn a LOT.

2. What is the newest item? 

I have a ton of new items, but my favorite new item is a pair of brand spankin new jeans! They are 7 for all mankind which is not one of my favorite brands, but this pair fits perfect. I feel like it is a brand that everyone loves, so I feel like I should love it. They just don't normally fit right. This pair has a 36 inseam which is great because I need at least 34 in most brands. I am wearing them now, and they are so comfortable.

3. What is the most expensive item?

This is a hard one because I don't buy expensive clothes. I am a goodwill and TJ Maxx shopper. Anything that comes from other stores is bought for me by my sisters or boyfriend. My most expensive item is a dress that my sister bought for me. It was $100 dollars. I normally wait for things to go on sale, and I can afford to wait because as the years go on, I have less and less competition for my size. I have a lot of expensive dresses that I waited 6 plus months to get, and they waited at the store for me to buy them!

I love lace, and I love the color black, so this is a win win!

Jessica Simpson dress! 

4. What is the cheapest item? 

I am a bargain shopper. Almost everything in my closet is "the cheapest item"! I did get two major cheapos last week. One was a gift from my sister. It is a jean shirt from Lucky Brand, and it is amazing. She shrunk it and had to get rid of it! I have been looking for a light jean colored shirt for many moons so I am so happy to have it! I have worn it 3 times in a week. Bad I know! My next cheapy was a Chip and Pepper (one of my favorite brands) tank top. I got it at Goodwill for a dollar. It looked sort of 70's, and it is they super thin cotton that I love.

Chip and Pepper tank top! Whoohoo! 

Lucky Jeans jean button down! 

5. What is the biggest bargain? 

I have a pair of jeans that changed the way I look at jeans forever. I wish I had 100 pairs because I love them so much. They are from Frankie B which in my humble opinion is the greatest jeans brand on the face of the earth. Their jeans are made for me. They could not fit better if they were custom made. I got my first pair about five years ago, and I have worn them once a week for that entire time. I got them on sale for $30 bucks! I wore them so much that I am about to rip one of the seams. I have been looking for the same pair on ebay, but so far no luck. These are my all time holy grail jeans. If you have known me for more than a week, you have seen me in them. I can't wait until I have enough money to buy more of this brand! If I was rich, I would have one of everything they make!

Frankie B! Best jeans EVER! 

6. What is the biggest waste of money?

My biggest waste of money is high heels. I say it generally because I hate them. I hate them. I HATE THEM! Every pair I own is awful. To be honest, I feel like a drag queen wearing heels. Not that dragqueens aren't fabulous, but I am already 5' 10, they make me tower over everyone. Plus they hurt my feet. I hate wearing shoes as it is, so heels just suck even more. The green pair is Ralph Lauren, the other 3 pairs are Jessica Simpson. Stay away.

Bowman insisted on being in this shot. I used HIS chair after all...

BONUS QUESTION- What are the three favorite items right now? 

Ok, I cheated! The first one is an outfit! I love authentic 80's clothing. If I come across an old 80's piece that fits me (at goodwill, see the trend), I HAVE TO HAVE IT! That is where I got this awesome shirt! The brand is Banjo from Dallas Texas. How could I pass that up? The pants are from H&M, and the shoes are Keds. I am not going to wait for an 80's party to wear this gem. I sometimes put it on just to line dance around the house. I think I was meant to be a Texan. I love me some line dancing, and I love Texas!

Banjo top

See the window in the background? That is where a creepy kid WATCHES ME! All day every day. I am sure he got an eye-full today! I am not a kid person, and for some reason that just attracts them more...

The next pair of pants was a gift from my boyfriend (he hates them), but he was nice enough to get them for me anyways. I have been wanting flower pants for years, but I was never able to find them in my size. Alas, I finally found them at Marshalls. These are Bullhead Black which I have never heard of, but they fit nicely. I wore them for Easter this year, and I can't wait to wear them again! The instructions were to just get the pants in the shot, but my skin belt is also showing!

The last item is in my favorite print! Leopard print! I was trying to decide my favorite color the other day, (don't ask me why because I don't know) and I was thinking leopard print is my favorite color. I know it is a mixture of colors, but it is fantastic! I have been loving shapeless clothing lately, and this is so cute! 

If you are reading this, you are officially tagged in the closet confidential tag! :)

What are your favorite pieces right now?

Cleaning Makeup Brushes: Picture Blog

1. Gather the brushes and supplies that you need. 

Supplies: sink, cup, brush guards, washcloths and baby soap. 

how to clean makeup brushes
I keep my dirty brushes in a rubbermaid type container.

I find that baby soap cleans them well! 

Cleaning makeup brushes
Brush guards AKA cable wraps! 
These brush guards came from ebay, but they are just plastic cable wraps cut into a smaller size. Don't spend more money than you need to! I do wash them with dawn soap and let them dry before I use them. You could easily just buy cable wraps from the hardware store and cut them to size. 

DIY brushguards
These fit almost any makeup brush on the market! 
2. Wet the bushes in a downward motion because you don't want water getting into the base. Then put a few drops of the baby soap in the cup and swish the brush around. I do this step twice. 

Always rinse downward to prevent water from getting into the base and ruining the brush.

Swish swish swish! 

3. Rinse! I rinse them by letting the water go over my hand and swishing them on my hand until they rinse clean. 

Keep the shape! 

4. Dry and reshape! Then add the brush guard from the back of the brush. I do wash the handles before I start washing the brushes. I use a damp rag. Because the brush guard glides over the handles, I think it is important to clean them. 

I love these things! They save so much time.

5. Place them facing downward in a cup or container. They dry very quickly this way! I would say 8 to 10 hours. 

Make sure the brushes dry downward.
I wash the dirty brush container whenever it gets empty. I am kinda a clean freak when it comes to things that touch my skin. Well everything really... 

Clean it!

The brush guards don't work for every type of bush. :( These two didn't make the cut. 

I wish I had a million more fan brushes! 


All clean! 
 I know a lot of people that never wash their brushes, but it is important! Especially if you have acne, I have found that having a dirty brush can cause breakouts! Having the bush guards does make it easier. It took me about 10 minutes total including the time it took me to take the pictures.

Between washes I spray witch hazel on a washcloth and rub the brush in it until the brush is clean. 

Witch hazel brush cleaner. Just 100% witch hazel. 
 Happy brush washing!

How I Cured my Acne

I used to have pretty bad acne. Not the worse I have seen, but enough to torture me. I will describe it in a sec! I waited a few months to write this because I kept expecting that I might break out again, but I haven't. It's amazing! I will describe everything that I do, but disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and experience, and I am not a medical professional of any sort. I understand that some acne is better treated by a dermatologist.

My acne

I rarely had acne as a teenager or my early 20's, but many years ago, I had a life altering experience. Because of that, I started getting acne. Whether it be hormones or stress, my face seemed to spiral out of control. I had a lot of things going wrong, and it showed on my face. I don't gain weight, I don't eat bad, and I don't lounge around. When I am stressed, I break out and pick my skin. It is such a horrific habit, and I have gotten so many scars from it. Luckily they are healing now, and they have faded a ton in the last few months. I had cystic acne and the run of the mill white heads. The worst it has gotten was a year and a half ago when I had 20 cystic acne nodules that were so painful that it was hard to think about anything but my face. I didn't even want to leave the house, and I spent a LOT of time and a LOT of money trying to fix my skin. It was my number one resolution every year. I was fixated on figuring out a way to clear my skin. I have always been a pretty confident person, but I hated my skin.

My skin type

I have pale sensitive skin. Whether it be breakouts or irritation, my skin is very finicky.

My cure

I have bought and researched a massive amount of acne products. All of which failed epicly. I have a Sonicare face brush, a Zeno, and every other product out there. The turnaround point for me was actually two websites that completely changed the way I treated my skin.

Reading through skinacea was the first time I started thinking about the moisture layer of my skin. I realized that I was stripping my skin several times a day and making it more likely for bacteria to grow. It is an amazing resource, and I probably read through the whole site in one day. 

Stoppickingonme made me realize some of the reasons why I pick. I was so horrified that I gradually stopped picking!
With these new realizations, I set out to treat my face gently. When I get stressed out, I paint my nails, drink a cup of tea, or talk to a friend. I don't pick. My acne products went away too. No longer was I going to strip my skin. I tried a lot of different gentle face and body products before I found a good one. I started with the oil control method which is basicly just rubbing different non-comedogenic oils into my face once a day. It did work for the most part. It lessened my breakouts, but I would not say that it cleared my skin completely. It was also hard to travel with and time consuming. I tried a variety of drugstore and beauty store product before I found some goodies!

The products I use on a daily bases that have not let to breakouts
Face wash and toner (I use the toner when I am in a hurry.)

My only issue with my CeraVe face wash is the parabens. :( I am buying a Derma e product with some of the same ingredients to see if it compares.)

I use this toner if for some reason I have trouble getting my makeup off. I don't love it, but is it the best I have found so far. 

My sunscreen (I wear it every day on my face, hands, and chest.)

I have bought this stuff many times! I love it. Keeps my skin pale, and it actually soothes my skin. A win win! 

My makeup minus eye shadow and concealer. 

My obviously well used makeup. 

I have re-bought these products a million times because I love them. They don't irritate my skin. I did accidently leave my concealer out, but I use a nars stick concealer from Sephora. It is pretty thick and works amazing. I normally use my naked 2 palette for eyes, but I have been branching out a little. I don't find that eye makeup ever makes me break out though. 

My face moisturizers for night

I use rosehip oil on my face at night, and neem oil on any spot that gets itchy. 

 My special event mask

Ok, full disclosure, a "special event" is leaving my house for anything other than grocery shopping. I use this a few days before I have an event or get together. It soothes and smoothes my skin.

My lip gloss
Rosebud Salve! What can I say-other than I LOVE THIS STUFF! Best $6 I have spent in a while! I use it on my lips and cuticles. It smells just like roses! I am not a huge rose fan, but I love the smell of roses if that make sense. I think of funerals or graveyards when I see them. When it comes to flowers, I exclusively go for carnations. Back to the balm, it is amazing, and I am so glad I found it!!!

There are other products that I have found that don't break me out, but I don't use them as much. If you want to know what they are, let me know. 

How I wash my face

I only wash my face with my face wash once a day. In the morning I just splash my face gently with water. Think of being at an exotic resort in the spa and splashing fresh water on your face. That is how I spash it! So gently! Then I pat it dry and apply my sunscreen and makeup if I am going out. At night, I wash my face (still gently) with my CeraVe face wash and water. I massage it on my skin for a few seconds then rinse. Once a week I use a Konjac sponge to remove dead skin. Then I apply a thin layer of my rosehip oil. 

Other general things that seem to help
  • I wash my clothes with a fragrance free soap (All or Tide)
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I sleep 7 to 8 hours a night
  • I don't touch my face
  • I try not to get stressed out
  • I use lemon on my face some nights to fade scars
  • I try to stay away from products that disrupt my hormones like BPA and items that contain volatile organic compounds
I do plan on doing a post about the face masks that I make. Those also help for scaring.

What are some of the things you have done to clear your skin if you had or have acne? I would love to hear some more stories! 

10 Random Things I Have Been Thinking About This Week!!!

I am not sure that anyone actually reads this blog. For some reason that makes it even more fun to write it. When there was that leak that the government was monitoring our lives, my first thought was "YES! At least somebody is reading my blog!" Not that I would be an interesting person to monitor. I read, drink tea, paint my nails, take bubble baths in the middle of the day, and a million other seeming boring tasks! At least they may seem boring to an outsider, but to me they are a blast!

Now to the random things!

1. Robie: A Radio Shack Robot that eats money. It is a toy from childhood that I got again as an adult because I am a nerd like that. I love him! I keep him at my desk because he makes me happy. If you have never seen one in action, here is a short video of what he does. I put a full version on YouTube because I couldn't upload all of it! Cool huh?

2. Galaxy! Anything galaxy! I love everything galaxy or planet related, so I have been wearing galaxy nails for a few days. I am thinking about getting some awesome galaxy tights, but I might be a little (ok, a LOT) too old for them. I have also been looking for some good planet nail stickers, but my search has been unfruitful. :( Found some on Etsy, but they are $7 plus $1 shipping. I don't know why that sounds like a lot... I will order them eventually! They are on my want list for sure.
Galaxy nails
Galaxy nails!

3. Last nail related random thing... Pop Beauty has this AMAZING green color nail polish called Grass, and I really want to try it! I love bright colors, and it is beautiful! UPDATE: Ahhhh! I accidently ordered it! How does that happen! It's a long story, but it gets here in a few weeks. It was on backorder. I will add the picture when I get it!

4. Hiking! My sister and I have been trying to do a little hiking as of late. Other than the fact that we live in a hot, flat, and miserable area, it was pretty fun!

5. Ebates, Ebates, and Ebates!!! I love Ebates! True to my life, I learn about everything a year or two after it comes out! I learned about Ebates last week, and I am totally loving them! I got about $20 off my dog food plus 6% Ebates! They also gave me a $10 Walmart gift card for using it the first time! A lot of the regular places that I shop have ebates, so I am using it whenever I can. Next time I do a Sephora or Ulta order, I will use Ebates! Why is it so exciting? I am really excited about it! Ebates website!

6. Chia seeds! I eat chia seeds daily, and I would guess I first started a year ago. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are small seeds that absorb liquid and become gel or pudding like after about 30 minutes. They have fiber and omega-3 in them, among other minerals. I noticed the biggest difference in my hair. I have hairs on my head that were literally never there before. I looked at my hair a few months ago and saw hundreds of new hairs growing. Pretty exciting because I naturally have (had) a thinner hair type. I have heard that chia seed texture takes a little getting used to. I loved them when I first tried them, but many friends complain that they are a gross texture. Push through it! I add 1 to 3 tablespoons to a cup or two of water. Stir or shake it vigorously. If I have juice, I add some juice for flavor. Wait 20 to 30 minutes or longer, and drink it!

tiny seed
They are tiny! 

This is my current bag, but there are tons of great brands that sell them.
7. The cupcakes from hell... I needed to make some cupcakes for one of my boyfriends coworkers, so at about 8 last night, I started them. The first batch was terrible. It was a recipe that I have used a million times, but the oven time was off, and they became dry and hard. I was so pissed. It is a terrible feeling to screw up while cooking or baking. I made the second batch at 9. Even though I took them out 5 minutes early, they were still not their at their normally goodness level. I ended up giving up and using them. They were vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream icing. I am sure they are good to people that are not as perfectionist about baking as I am. I took a tester bite, and they were better with the icing on. Blah!

8. Finals week. I am so disappointed that it is finals week. I am so sick of these math classes that I could scream. I can't wait for this semester to be OVER! 

9. It's sunscreen season again! I wear sunscreen on my face, hands, and chest every day. On days where I am outside, I use it on the rest of my visible skin. I love pale skin, so I try not to get tan. One sunscreen that keeps me pearly white is Alba Botanica very emollient sunscreen. I use the mineral protection kind. I am really picky about ingredients, and this has nothing that alarms me in it.  I used to have acne, and this kind never broke me out. It works so well. I have repurchased it 4 times. This is the only sunscreen that I ever liked enough to repurchase. It is amazing! Remember to use your ebates! 

10. Bob's Burgers. I love love love that show! We recently got a one week subscription to hulu plus, and Bob's Burgers was on there! I was so happy because I normally have to wait for them to come onto netflix! You should watch it if you haven't already!

Weekly want list for makeup! Have you tried any of these?
Derma E Hydrating Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid
Klorane Dry Shampoo
Pop Beauty Radioactive and Mint Magic nail polish
Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
Straight nail clippers

Nail talk!

Last night I barely slept. I was hyped up all day yesterday, and I couldn't wind down! Also the moon was so bright that it make it hard to fall asleep. Total darkness sleeper here. I was thinking about a new blog post and decided to write about nail polish and nail care.

Nail stamper! Not sure why I wanted to pose with this mason jar...

I love nail polish and nail art! My sister Judy got into it first when she watched some Youtube nail tutorials. I was the test subject for her designs since she has an artistic flair. I can barely keep my hands steady to paint my own nails. We share nail polishes. Our collection has gotten pretty large.

This was created with a stamp.

Lately, I have branched out on my own and started polishing my own nails, and I am actually getting better at it. I like that nail polish makes me feel more put together. I basically sit and work at my computer at home all day, so I can look down and see pretty nails. It makes me happy!

Galaxy nails! One of my favorites! 

I err more on the side of caution when it comes to nail polishes, so I would say we mostly have OPI. I hate hate hate essie polishes. They never seem to stop disappointing me. I should just throw them out because it pisses me off everytime I use a polish and it turns out too light or chips instantly. Orly is ok, so I do have a few of their colors. Other than that I like Nubar, and Seche Vite. I want to try Butter polishes, but I don't want to pay $15 dollars for them! There was a buy one get one free sale a few months ago, but it was one of those days the semi-recluse part of me reared its ugly head. Maybe next time!

Close up of water color nail.

A little note about the Seche Vite top coat: it is literally the holy grail of top coats! I never knew what a top coat could be until I tried Seche Vite. I was so blown away. It does have toluene in it which is sad, but I do still use it on occasion. It is a must have for nail art. The first top coat I ordered from them got too thick to use after the bottle was just halfway gone. Judy said to toss it, so 20 seconds later, it went in the trash. I later found out that I could put a little polish remover in it to thin it out. :( A new bottle is in the mail now. When I ordered it, I sang the Incubus song "I Miss You" which perfectly captures my feelings for the product. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy with watercolor nails

Since Seche Vite does have toluene in it, I have started using another product more frequently. It is Nubar Diamont Seal and Shine Top Coat. I am pretty impressed with it! It is also Cruelty Free which was a wonderful surprise when I got it! I will be trying more Nubar products for sure. It is not as rock hard as Seche Vite, but when the polish is scraped or dented the top coat actually bounces back. I have done it a million times already being the picker that I am...

Nubar top coat that work great!
In all but the below picture, the nails were painted by Judy. As you can see I do a little more simple and easy nail designs. I love shapes, so I have been doing variations of this on my nails this week. This is Nail Envy Original, OPI Alpine Snow, the Nubar top coat, then Tiffany Case OPI liquid sand. I love the liquid sand.

My nails today!
Future nail purchases that I will make when I get more polish. Someday...
Nubar JellyBean series
OPI Tints
OPI Glitter Off Got it!
OPI Dating a Royal
OPI Atomic Orange  Got ORLY Orange Punch instead
A light small speckle glitter
A light large speckle glitter

Update: Found an Ulta card in my purse with some money on it, and I had a return, so I got these babies today.

What are some of your favorite brands and colors?

10 Random Things I am Thinking About This Week

1. Blackfish! I watched the Blackfish documentary a few days ago. I was so outraged by the movie. SeaWorld treats the killer whales and the employees that work with them in a disgusting manner. If an appropriate habitat for an animal can't be created, then the animal should not be in captivity. An appropriate killer whale habitat can never be created because they are a family driven species that travels thousands of miles of ocean. It was so sad, but I do recommend that you watch it!

2. Smoothies! I have been drinking smoothies all week which I don't normally do! They were delicious! 

Chocolate banana! 

3. OPI Trend Toes in Cheetah Sparkle! I love anything animal print! They don't make enough animal print items for me! I am just a tacky old lady at heart, so I grabbed these when I came across them. I am on week two, and they still look almost perfect. I did take a picture, but my feet are as white as a ghost, and I don't want to scare you. 

I had a coworker about 10 years ago that said that she didn't like what her feet looked like, but her manicure lady said that she should wear open toed shoes and not worry about it. Her feet were horrific! I just kept staring at them while she was telling me this. I probably had a grimace! I was literally at a loss for words. I would have told her to put 5 layers of socks and some steel toe work boots over those suckers! So that's why I will spare you from my ghost feet. They are not that bad, but I have to be considerate! Otherwise my feet may imbed permanently in one of your memories! 

4. Eclipse! I finally get to start programming in Eclipse instead of Notepad++, and Eclipse actually fixes some errors automatically. It is also more likely to be the program that I use in a job, so I am semi-excited to see what it is like! 

5. Brethren Butter! I have a little jingle that I sing when I eat it:

Amish butter
Touched by amish hands (I don't know why that sounds appealing, but it does!)

I have to tell you, it is AMAZING! It is like tasting butter for the first time! I was intrigued by it at the store when I first saw it a few months ago, but I didn't buy it because it was a dollar more than regular butter. I finally had passed by it one too many times, and I had to have it. I am so glad that I bought it. 

6. Instagram! I am a late social media bloomer. I got MySpace when Facebook was cool, and Facebook when EVERYONE but me seemed to already have a page. I like that I can keep in touch with my family. I read that many young people (not that I am a young person...) exclusively use instagram. I had no idea what it really was. I had just got a new iPad, and I checked it out. I love it! I can post pictures of whatever I am doing, and it's fun. :)

This is totally unrelated to this post, but I love taking bug pictures. 

7. Blood Oranges! I am one of those fruit lovers that waits for certain seasons all year long. Lychee, watermelon, and BLOOD ORANGES! They are so tasty! Moro is another name for them. If you see them, try them, and maybe they will become a new favorite for you too!

8. Earthing! I have been earthing all my life, but I never knew it had a name. It is basically walking around barefoot outside! It is supposed to connect you to the earth and lower inflammation in the body and much more. I just like walking around outside barefoot. I have earthed at the grand canyon, Zion National Park, and pretty much everywhere I have been. I have heard the word "barefoot" in almost every language when people comment about me walking barefoot, but I don't really care.  I do it for me. The last thing I am going to do it let a social expectation keep me from doing what I want! 

I am lucky no bugs got me! :)

9. Mineral baths! I have an amazing recipe for a mineral bath that I use frequently! 
-1 to 2 cups baking soda
-2 cups epsom salt
-1 teaspoon ginger
-essential oils (I use lavender! Also, save yourself some trouble and NEVER use peppermint oil. It burns like the dickens!)

Just plop those ingredients in your bath and enjoy!

10. I almost cut this to 9, but then I remembered! The best website. It checks prices on amazon and gives you a low and high price that the item has been. It can also email you when your desired item gets to a certain price! I have been using it all week! I LOVE IT! It has already saved me a ton of money. 

What are you guys thinking about this week?